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New Checks Unlimited Coupon Code Website Launched Online

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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Compare Price and Specs - Best Mid-Range Android Phone 2014

Based on specs, phones that are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 include Samsung's Galaxy Ace 3 and the Sony Xperia L.

Comparable specs include 2G and 3G network bands, microSIM sized cards, Dual SIM usage, CPU speed and the amount of RAM, internal memory, display resolution, touch screen, and features like Bluetooth, camera, and battery capacity.

Compare Amazon Deal and Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 averages a price of $270USD while the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 averages $280USD and the Sony Xperia L averages $290USD. All three phones were released in 2013 and have similar specifications. They have the same networking capabilities for 2G and 3G, the option to use Dual SIM cards, and the use of microSIM cards. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 has a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU speed while both Sony Xperia L and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (LTE) employ 1 GHz Krait dual-core CPU, however if the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is 3G, it uses a Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU. Both Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Galaxy Ace 3 (3G) use Broadcom Videocore IV, while the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (LTE) and the Sony Xperia L uses an Adreno 305 GPU.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 lacks in RAM at a mere 768 MB compared to the Galaxy Ace 3 and Sony Xperia L which have 1GB RAM each. The internal memory for the Galaxy S Duos 2 and Galaxy Ace 3 (3G) phones are 4GB, while the Galaxy Ace 3 (LTE) and the Sony bumped up to 8GB. Each of the phones use TFT capacitive touchscreens with 16M colors. Each of the phones have 4.0 inch screens with both the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Galaxy Ace 3 having 480×800 pixel displays and the Sony Xperia L at a 480×854 pixel display. All of the phones include the multitouch feature as well as Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, though the Sony Xperia L also has ANT+ Bluetooth. All three phones have 5MP cameras with 2592×1944 pixels, LED flash, and autofocus. The phones cameras are all capable of shooting video with 720p quality at 30fps and secondary VGA video. Sony Xperia L also features video stabilization and HDR.

Discounts and Deals

The prices of each phone matches the specifications for the individual features for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Galaxy Ace 3, and Sony Xperia L. The phones are all new enough that it is difficult to find prices marked down unless purchasing a used phone, but the price for the features of each are enough of a discount as it is. If buyers have extra to spend on more features, the Sony Xperia is a good bet with larger memory, camera, and Bluetooth capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a strong medium for consumers who are undecided on whether or not they want a more functional or fancy phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is a great choice for people who want a functional smartphone and not a lot else for a reasonable price. It takes a careful consumer to research and come to terms with what they want out of their phones, and these three phones make the choice tough due to their similarities.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PS4 available to order from Amazon and Staples

The Playstation 4 is a hard console to track down at the moment. It popped up Sunday, Jan. 12 at the somewhat unlikely location of office supply retailer Staples though along with Deal">Amazon.

The PS4 is available to order from Staples for the usual price of $399.99 by itself and as not part of a bundle as part of an online only deal. Free shipping is available for Rewards Member though everyone has the option of free shipping to their local store for pickup. The expected delivery time frame is 3-5 business days and, of course, sales tax is applicable.

Meanwhile, Amazon has the PS4 available for what is essentially a pre-order that won't be delivered until Jan. 19. Free shipping is available here as well but sales tax may be applicable depending on your state. Update: As expected, the PS4 sold out quickly at Amazon. It is still available at Staples, however. Update 2: The PS4 is now out of stock at Staples as well.

Sony announced last week the Playstation 4 sold more than 4.2 million consoles between its launch on Nov. 15 and Dec. 28. The next-gen console was hard to find prior to Christmas and is just as difficult now as it quickly goes out of stock when it shows up at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop.

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Amazon Local deal: 25 Kindle books for 99 cents each

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Amazon Local is offering a free coupon good for 25 Kindle downloads for 99-cents each.

Some of the books normally cost $4.99 each.

Titles offered include Kurt Vonnegut's previously unreleased "Sucker's Portfolio" (which is what got me to grab this deal), "No Place to Die" by James Thame and the entertaining Chandler series "Flee," "Three" and "Spree" by J.A. Konrath. There are cookbooks, novels and nonfiction as well. Plenty to keep you busy all winter.

Get the coupon from Amazon Local (at the link below) and the offer will automatically be applied to your Amazon account. After you get a confirmation email, download the Kindle books. Amazon says visible price will not change before purchase, but the sale price will be automatically applied to your order. (Confirm that your coupon was applied by checking your email order confirmation.)

Click here for the deal. The offer ends Feb. 8.

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Latest Rumors, News on Tanaka's Recruiting Tour

Get your popcorn ready, folks.-owed only when Tanaka's signature is on a free-agent contract-almost any team, in any market, can engage the 25-year-old pitcher in a conversation.

When it comes to the free-agent tour for Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, expect a whirlwind of rumors, news and excitement over the next two weeks. By the end of January, the top pitcher on the market will pick a team, starting a domino effect for the rest of baseball's available players.

At this point, it's probably easier to list the teams not interested in Tanaka. With a posting fee of only $20 million

From there, the fun begins.

Earlier this week, Tanaka arrived in the United States, ready and willing to meet with teams. In the interest of time, the right-handed pitcher took a physical exam upon arriving in Los Angeles, with the idea of distributing one medical report to all interested parties, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Assuming that medical report comes up clean, expect the contract offers to roll in quickly.

Here's a rundown of all the latest rumors and news surrounding Tanaka's U.S. recruiting tour.

Dodgers Wont Be Outbid

Go big or go home.

That was the message from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the rest of baseball when Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that the Dodgers are all-in in their efforts to sign Tanaka and won't be outbid.

While the report and big talk may be designed to scare off some mid-market suitors, the Dodgers shouldn't be taken lightly here. If they truly want to add Tanaka to their rotation, the money is there to make it happen. Of course, money does matter somewhat. Nightengale also tweeted that the Dodgers won't spend wildly to sign their man.

With Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun-jin Ryu already in tow, the Dodgers could boast the best rotation in baseball by acquiring the Japanese star. Furthermore, it would protect Los Angeles in the event that Clayton Kershaw, a free agent next winter, rebuffs overtures at a lucrative, long-term contract.

Yankees Are Desperate to Fortify Rotation

Despite spending over $300 million this offseason in the form of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts and Hiroki Kuroda, the Yankees have a gaping hole in their 40-man roster: starting rotation.

When assembling a blueprint for rebuilding that pitching staff, signing the two best Japanese pitchers available, Tanaka and Kuroda, became a basic tenant. Kuroda is back, but the Yankees are desperate to fortify their rotation, per Andy McCullough of The Star-Ledger.

That desperation could lead to a major offer for Tanaka. When the dust settles, the Yankees and Dodgers could go toe-to-toe for a pitcher that has never thrown a pitch in Major League Baseball.

Mariners Weighing Options

The Mariners, after spending $240 million on robinson cano agent Cano, trading for Logan Morrison and importing Corey Hart from Milwaukee, are an improved baseball team.

While that's a given, it's unknown exactly how much they've improved. After losing 91 games in 2013, it's hard to imagine Seattle jumping past the 82-win range in 2014, despite the improvements.

In order to enter spring training with a realistic shot at competing in the loaded AL West, more reinforcements are needed. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Mariners front office is weighing options, including signing Tanaka, but needs ownership approval to make further big-ticket moves.

If that approval arrives, Tanaka could feel at home in a city that has been the home of Japanese players like Ichiro Suzuki, Kazuhiro Sasaki and Hisashi Iwakuma.

Losing Record a Hurdle for Cubs' Pursuit

The current rendition of the posting process actually hurts the Chicago Cubs. Daisuke Matsuzaka-would stand a great chance of landing the Japanese righty.

If the system was simply a blind bid, awarding Tanaka's rights to the highest bidder for a free-agent negotiation, the Cubs-led by the general manager Theo Epstein, who submitted a winning bid for

Instead, the Cubs now have one significant factor working against them: If Tanaka wants to play for a winner, Chicago can't provide that, per Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago.

As Rogers points out, the rebuilding Cubs aren't staring down an impossible hurdle, but it's part of the equation. Tanaka's arrival at Wrigley Field can change the narrative and help the Cubs contend, but it's impossible to sell him on joining a winning team right now.

Diamondbacks Have Money Allocated for Big-Ticket Item

After seriously pursuing free-agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, the Arizona Diamondbacks have money to burn on an impact free agent.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Diamondbacks were still open to the idea of bidding on Choo when Scott Boras informed teams that $140 million would be a realistic number for the dynamic on-base machine. Eventually, Choo signed in Texas for seven years and $130 million.

Despite missing out on their outfield target, the Diamondbacks proved that ownership is willing to spend on a big-ticket item. Now, with Tanaka highlighting the free-agent class, their presence shouldn't be taken lightly as the sweepstakes roll on.

Phillies Contacted Casey Close

The Phillies, buoyed by a new 25-year, $2.5 billion television deal with Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, are a "Listen, we try to do our business quietly," Amaro said. "We still have had dialogue with some free agents. We have had dialogue with clubs about possible trades. We'll continue to do that through Spring Training. If there are things we need to address, we'll definitely do that."-despite featuring Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels-that finished 27th in baseball, sleeper in the Tanaka sweepstakes.

According to Todd Zolecki of, the Phillies have contacted Tanaka's agent, Casey Close, about the free-agent starter.

As Zolecki points out, the conversation was likely due diligence, but don't discount Philadelphia from engaging in further talks for the impact starter. According to general manager Ruben Amaro, the Phillies want to do their business quietly. Per Zolecki's reporting:

per ESPN, with a 4.32 ERA in 2013, pitching is something the Phillies certainly need to address.
With a pitching staff

White Sox Discuss Vision with Tanaka

The Chicago White Sox, no strangers to the international market after inking Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu to a six-year, $68 million contract, sent the most prominent voices in their organization to sell Tanaka on the long-term vision of the franchise, per Dan Hayes of Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

According to the report, the White Sox sent general manager Rick Hahn, executive vice president Kenny Williams and manager Robin Ventura to Los Angeles to meet with Tanaka.

Despite the White Sox's losing record, similar to their Chicago counterparts, the team can cite a winning record in 2012, Abreu's willingness to sign and the possibility of Chris Sale and Tanaka forming the best combination atop any rotation in baseball.

Angels Executive Former Teammate of Tanaka's Agent

One year after allowing the trio of Joe Blanton, Tommy Hanson and Jerome Williams to make 58 starts, the Angels are on the hunt for starting pitching. While the offseason acquisitions of Hector Santiago, Tyler Skaggs and Mark Mulder provide depth, Los Angeles can still use a top-level pitcher to slot in behind Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson in their starting rotation.

Obviously, Tanaka fits the bill.

According to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, they fit one of Tanaka's criteria: playing in the city of Los Angeles. If Tanaka is more apt to sign in Los Angeles, the Angels will become aware of that quickly.

Furthermore, there's a connection between Tanaka's agent, Casey Close, and a member of the Angels front office, Hal Morris. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Close and Morris were teammates during their college days at Michigan.

Twins Interested, Prepared for Long Process

If a starting pitcher is available, the Twins are likely interested.

Even after signing Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey to multiyear contracts, Minnesota has been linked to free-agent starters Matt Garza and Bronson Arroyo.

Now, according to Darren Wolfson of ESPN 1500, we can add Tanaka's name to the list of pitchers Minnesota is interested in for the 2014 season. As Wolfson points out, the Twins understand that the Tanaka process will be long, featuring many teams and likely to drag until until the end of January.

It would be foolish to call Minnesota a front-runner in the Tanaka race, but its desire for impact starting pitching has been evident this winter.

Indians 'In the Game' for Tanaka

In 2013, the Indians were nine innings from a trip to Boston for the ALDS. According to Paul Hoynes of Northeast Ohio Media Group, they're interested in acquiring a pitcher to help put them over the top in 2014.

Per Hoynes' reporting, "the Indians are in the game and it would not be surprising if they make a lucrative multiyear offer, including the $20 million posting fee."

Cleveland's manager, Terry Francona, was the inaugural major league manager for Japanese standout Matsuzaka upon his arrival to the U.S. in Boston in 2007.

John Gibbons Confirms Blue Jays' Interest

In 2013, Toronto's starting pitching-led by reigning 2012 NL Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey-was poised to be a strength of the team. By the end of the season, the Blue Jays were in last place and the starting rotation combined to post a 4.81 ERA, per ESPN.

That ugly number has made Toronto a popular spot for rumors surrounding free-agent starters this winter.

Manager John Gibbons gave credence to the Blue Jays' interest in Tanaka, according to Shi Davidi of

Per Davidi's reporting, Gibbons spoke about the Blue Jays front office chasing Tanaka.

"I know they're feeling around to see what's going on with him," Gibbons said. "But I think most of the teams out there at least put out some feelers for him. (Tanaka) is going to make a lot of money, I know that."

If Toronto can land the Japanese ace, a projected rotation of Tanaka, Dickey, Brandon Morrow, Mark Buehrle and Kyle Drabek could change the fate of the Blue Jays' 2014 season.

Rangers, Tigers Lurking in Background

As if the slew of well-known bidders wasn't enough, two more big-market powers-Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers-could be lurking in the background of the Tanaka chase, per Andy McCullough of The Star-Ledger.

Ironically, these teams completed a blockbuster deal in November. After swapping Prince Fielder, Ian Kinsler and cash, both Texas and Detroit changed the long-term outlook of their payroll.

Allocating found money for Tanaka would be bold, but don't rule out anything from these World Series hopefuls.

In Detroit, replacing Doug Fister in the starting rotation would give the Tigers baseball's best top four (Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez and Tanaka) and protect them in the event that Scherzer leaves as a free agent after 2014.

In Texas, general manager Jon Daniels could pair Tanaka with Japanese sensation Yu Darvish to form one of the most unique rotations in history.

Where will Tanaka land?

Comment, follow me on Twitter or "like" my Facebook page to talk all things baseball.

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Talks Scheduled in Calif. Brain Dead Girl Case

<p>A federal magistrate is expected to meet Friday with lawyers for a California hospital and a 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery in hopes of brokering a resolution to the ongoing legal dispute over her care.

U.S. Magistrate Donna Ryu will oversee a mandatory settlement conference between representatives of Children's Hospital Oakland and the family of Jahi McMath, U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown said. Settlement conferences are usually arranged to expedite court cases or to end them without a trial.

The hospital and Jahi's mother are locked in a harrowing clash over the girl, who went into cardiac arrest while recovering from the Dec. 9 surgery and shows no signs of brain activity, according to court records.

Children's maintains that Jahi is legally dead and that the ventilator keeping her heart pumping should be removed, but a state judge has ordered doctors to keep breathing machine in place until Jan. 7 at 5 p.m.

The girl's mother, Nailah Winkfield, wants to transfer her to another facility and to force the hospital either to fit Jahi with the breathing and feeding tubes she would need to be moved safely or to allow an outside doctor to perform the surgical procedures.

The hospital's lawyer, Douglas Straus, maintains that Children's Hospital staff has no legal obligation to operate on the body of a dead person, but that the matter remains irrelevant for now because the family has not named a doctor who is willing to put in the tubes or a facility capable of caring for Jahi.

The procedures are likely to figure prominently in Friday's talks. Ryu, the magistrate, told the two sides to be prepared to spend the entire day working toward an agreement and to present her with confidential memos outlining their respective demands.

The issue of the tracheostomy and gastric tubes also is being considered by the state judge who so far has blocked Children's Hospital from removing Jahi's ventilator. Alameda County Superior Court Evelio Grillo has scheduled a hearing for Friday morning so he can speak with the opposing parties about how to handle that part of the case.