Friday, December 27, 2013

Samantha the Christmas Angel

<black and white christmas cardsp>Thursday, December 26 th, 2013
Issue 52, Volume 17.

After working late one Friday night a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop at Oink and Moo for take-out. I walked in and noticed a young woman off to my left having dinner. What caught my eye was the slab of ribs in front of her. Not only did they look delicious, but all I could think of was that the slab was almost bigger than she was.

The hostess was ringing me up; I went for my ATM card and realized I didn't have it. I don't carry my credit cards and almost never have cash which was the case this night. Out loud I said, "Oh no, I don't have my ATM card!" The hostess said not to worry about it, Advertisement

[ Berry-Bell and Hall Mortuary ] to call them with the numbers or drop the cash off later.

Suddenly, there was a young lady standing next to me, she said, "I'm paying for her dinner." She said she wanted to do something nice for someone at the holidays. I was so taken back; I thanked her over and over and asked her for a hug. I realized I had put my credit cards in my purse, Christmas shopping and all, so I ended up paying for my dinner.

That Friday night began the Christmas feeling for me. Thank you Samantha Fender for showing me your kindness and generosity, I went home with a warm heart and a smile on my face. You showed me the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Teddie Borges

Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Scandal' Recap: Olivia Learns The Truth About Her Mother

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This flawless hour of television couldn't have come at a better time. People, this is why Kerry Washington is swimming in nominations.

If last week's episode of was considered 'intense,' the Dec. 12 conclusion of the midseason finale was a non-stop barrage of heart attacks from which we shall never recover. Not only did we learn the truth about Olivia's (Kerry Washington) mom, but the fall-out from Daniel's murder was insane, and some major shifts in power completely changed the way this game is going to be played form now on.

'Scandal': 7 Craziest Midseason Finale Moments

1. Cyrus helps Sally get away with murder. I never thought I'd see Cyrus Been and Sally Langston working on the same side - but then again, I never thought I'd see Sally knifing her gay husband in the back, then blaming it on the devil, either. Kate Burton was at her absolute best this week, flipping the switch from self-righteous monster to full-blown psychopath. ("He's in hell! Daniel Douglas is in hell!") I love her.

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2. Quinn pulls out her tracking device. Quinn (Katie Lowes) is many things, but a dentist is not one of them. So watching her extract a tracking device from her own damn tooth was among the most unsettling moments of this two-parter. I assume she also removed part of her brain, because she's totally dating Charlie now, and science has proven that he's the worst.

3. Fitz lands Rowan behind bars. The seemingly unstoppable Papa Pope was finally taken down by the POTUS with the Mostest, a confrontation which went from zero to absolutely insane in no time flat. I'm honestly not sure which part I enjoyed more - when Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) bragged about all the ways he's had sex with Olivia, or when Rowan tore the "boy" to pieces with his angry words of truth.

4. Mama Pope's history is revealed. It turns out "Maya" (Khandi Alexander) was a gun for hire who sold government secrets to the highest bidder, and she lied to Rowan about there being a bomb on the plane Fitz was ordered to take down. Sure, it's a crazy story, but it ties up this whole B613 storyline in a neat and surprising way. I like that. (Oh, and Mama Pope is officially back on the loose. So watch out, D.C.!)

5. Cyrus & James remain terrible. In a desperate attempt to keep James ( Dan Bucatinsky) at home - but definitely not earning back his love - Cyrus ( Jeff Perry) agreed to make his husband the new White House Press Secretary. (That's right, James. Sleep your way to the top. That will fix your sham of a marriage.)

6. Jake drops the L-bomb... then becomes freakin' Command. I was sad to see Jake (Scott Foley) walk out of Olivia's life, telling her, "Whatever happens next ... I loved you." And by that, he really meant, "I'm taking your father's job as Command of B613, but I can't tell you. Sowwy!"

7. David catches onto Sally. Just when you thought Queen Langston had committed the perfect crime, David Rosen ( Joshua Malina) got his sexy little hands on a recording of her phone-confession to Cyrus! Is Sally about to join her husband in hell? Dun, dun dun!

HollywoodLifers, what was your favorite part of this insane midseason finale? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below!

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